Please find below a selection of articles, resources and videos to help you take Hive home with you, and get creative even when you can’t visit our building.

Lockdown videos on Facebook

During the various lockdowns we’ve been running online sessions through our Facebook page. You can view our videos on our Facebook page.

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Flourish Foot Quilt
A Flourish Foot Quilt

The Flourish Project is a two-year project that started in September 2019, working with Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Bradford area. During the project we have worked with people from many differ…

Lockdown with Liz
Lockdown with Liz

I enjoy watching Lockdown With Liz.She is brill, she is great. She’s a wiz.Her creative ideas,Help distract from my fears.So right now I shall blow her a kiss! If a kiss is not strictly PC,Then …

Sanding and abrasives

Abrasive papers Historically abrasives were made from natural materials such as sand, shark skin and shells. These might be applied directly to a surface or bonded to a cloth or paper backing before u…

Henri Matisse - The Parak
Paper Cutouts

After decades of painting, Henri Matisse found himself unable to continue due to ill health. But from his wheelchair and his bed he continued to make work with the help of assistants. Large scale coll…

Claude Monet, Water Lilies, 1914-17
Colour schemes

An analogous colour scheme uses colours which are next to each other on the colour wheel. For example, blues and greens, or oranges and yellows. These colours have a close relationship with each other…


Screenprinting is a great simple process which will enable you to print your own bag, t-shirt or other fabric item. Screenprinting kits start at around £30 with everything you need to get started, or …

Modelling clay animals
Creating Creatures in Clay

Pottery Tutor Sally demonstrates modelling animals in clay, with a short video of her sheep to give you some pointers. You could use the same techniques to model in plasticine or playdough if you don&…

Endless Greens

If you have a look out of your window, or go onto your balcony or into your garden, you can hopefully see some signs of spring in the unfurling foliage. There are all kinds of greens out there right n…

Mixing a grey

Try mixing a grey to learn about colour and to make subtle colours. Colour doesn’t shine without grey! Using colours straight from the tube in a painting doesn’t usually result in a succes…

Van Gogh sketch
Sketching like Van Gogh

Look at these sketches made by Van Gogh, and see if you can follow some of the methods shown in his work. Notice how the foreground has more detail and things become less defined in the distance. This…

Making a ceramic model
Make a Ceramic Model

Here’s some photos of the little figure I finished this morning. He’s a bit of a cross between da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and Angel of the North. It’s really tricky to get a figu…

Stain removal
Stain removal

We have recently been asked about removing an ink stain from a piece of furniture. Here are a couple of methods to try.  One is to apply alcohol, either isopropyl or methylated spirits. The other is a…

Collage - David Hockney
Collage: David Hockney

Collage is a great way to work at home. All kinds of paper can be used including newsprint, as in this self-portrait by David Hockney. The article in the piece serves to locate the work in a time and …

Packing Case - assembly sketch
Packing Case Shelves

We have recently been asked about making a set of shelves in the style of a packing case. This is a straightforward project that you can adapt to suit the materials available and doesn’t need a …


Collage offers a great way to make unusual prints with strong sculptural qualities. To make a plate to print from, you can use materials such as corrugated card, textured paper, cloth, netting etc. De…

Colouring sheet - orbiting hearts
Amazing colouring sheets

One of our tutors has created these amazing colouring sheets for you to print out and colour. Enjoy!

Lino print tools
Lino Printing

What is Lino Printing? Linocut is a printmaking technique, a variant of woodcut, in which a sheet of Lino is used for the relief surface. A design is cut into the Lino surface with a sharp knife, V-sh…

Wood stains
Wood Staining

The term ‘stain’ refers to products intended to add colour to the wood, enhancing grain patterns and figure. In repair work they are used to match the colour of damaged areas to the existi…

Making a Qalam
Arabic Calligraphy: How to Make a Qalam

Our calligraphy tutor, Farzana, shares how to make a Qalam in this video on our Facebook page.

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