The Flourish Project is a two-year project that started in September 2019, working with Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Bradford area. During the project we have worked with people from many different backgrounds, cultures and ages (from a child aged 4 to a lady in her 70s), all participating together.

To date we have worked with over 70 participants at 3 venues. We encourage “conversations through making” where participants engage with a creative activity and discuss any issues affecting quality of life in a supportive and safe environment. This low-stress environment provides the perfect platform for partner organisations to provide the relevant information, advice and guidance.

As the project develops, the volunteers from the groups become part of the group that directs the planning, development and delivery of the project’s future.

We have explored the participants’ journeys through making drawings of feet, printing these onto fabric and sewing into and embellishing them. Many participants are enjoying the relaxed stitching and the children enjoy the drawing aspects of this project.

We were going to have an exhibition of the work made so far, but as this was no longer possible, we decided to exhibit the work ‘virtually’. We have collated the feet and made a ‘Flourish Foot Quilt‘.

Flourish Foot Quilt