Pottery – Press Mould Making – New Date (18/09/22)

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18 September 2022

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You will learn how to build the casting frame as economically as possible and how to mix the Potters plaster.

You will sculpt the “masters” sometimes called the “Key Mould”

You will be made aware of how to dispose of the left over plaster, and not under any circumstances wash any of into the sink, drains or toilets. As to Health & Safety, you will have to wear masks when mixing the plaster and preferably wear disposable gloves because your hands get very dry working with Potters Plaster.

Pottery Studio

The studio is well equipped with materials, tools and equipment and you should not need to bring any tools or materials with you. We do recommend bringing and using a small notebook to keep a record of your work and ideas. You are welcome to bring your own tools but you will not be able to keep them at Hive.

The ceramics studio has a small reference library which you can consult for inspiration and information about ceramics and ceramic decoration. We encourage students to look at a variety of sources for inspiration and information including magazines and periodicals, as well as online sources such as Pinterest and YouTube.

You will be expected to follow Health and Safety guidance whenever you use Hive’s ceramics studio.

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  • Pottery Studio
  • Hive Bradford, Kirkgate, Shipley, BD18 3EH

Course schedule

  • 18 September 2022 10:00   -   16:00
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