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Older People

As the population ages, this particular demographic requires increasing resources to cater for its quality of life. At Hive we have always believed that the increase in skills and self confidence, which result from taking part in creative activities, can be enhanced when such activities are undertaken in a group context. Hive sees this as an excellent way of combating loneliness and promoting personal interaction.

We have worked extensively throughout the Bradford City area on projects for older people.  

" Hive has gvien me a chance to meet new people from the area and as a retired person the courses have encouraged me to get of of the house during miserable winter days. I can also visit for a chat with friendly faces and use the books for ideas. The classes were fun"

Reaching Communities project for Over 50's funded by the Big Lottery

Our Reaching Communities 5 year project came to an end in September 2013. The aim of the project was to provide free and accessible creative activities particularly to over 50’s to increase confidence and skills and reduce isolation

With this grant we were able to work with 2833 people, deliver 632 informal training sessions to 417 people, provide a supportive creative drop in facility to 1079 people and deliver 30 x 10 week creative classes to 298 people.

This informal mix of creative access and support resulted in 89 % of participants reporting increased skills, 76% increased confidence and 67% feeling more involved in the community.

 Feedback taken from participants throughout the project show the benefits of this approach

"I have attempted things I was nervous about and gained confidence in my ability to do new things." Reaching Communities Silk-painting course participant.

"Brilliant ‘community’ spirit with encouragement from tutor and students".

"Learning new skills and meeting new people" Mixed Crafts participants.

"I gained confidence-badly lacking with clinical depression, gained friendship with all sorts of people. I developed new interests in arts, crafts and all sorts of things! Learned how to smile….practising how to listen." Volunteer.

"Meeting  people. Helping people. Making friends." Participant in recent survey.

 The project resulted in a a number of people moving onto volunteer at Hive

'Volunteering at Hive has helped me get my confidence back after my disability deteriorated and I had to give up my previous job. It has helped me to find new skills in the work place so that eventually I might be able to get back into work."

" I have benefitted tremendously from my voluntary work at Hive, reusing old skills I thought I'd lost such as networking, thus increasing my confidence and improving my mental health. Before I volunteered for Hive I suffered from isolation. Being part of an organisation that supports people who suffer mental health distress has provided me with a safe and friendly base on which to work from. The Pop Up Gallery has allowed me to express my creative ideas and those of others. I believe I can move forward now with more confidence onto other projects in the community, benefitting people who've suffered similar circumstances. "

Feedback below from artist who has volunteered at Hive running a Drop-In Group - this experience has given her the confidence to volunteer in the Lifelong Learning sector - we are now suppporting her in applying for a PTLLS course in order to qualify to teach:

"Hive is a supportive environment that supports people wherever they are. Being able to volunteer here has meant I'm not so isolated as an artist and in general. Being among people is important - it's been really good to share the knowlege that I have as an artist and to be able to encourage other people. It's been really good to have an opportunity to interact with lots of different people. It's helped my social skills and confidence and as a result of that I'm now volunteering in a more formal learning situation and looking to do a PTLLS course and working in this sector. It's a stepping stone because there is no pressure, it's a supportive environment, the expectations are different, it's really flexible with the volunteer roles you can undertake."