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Ceramics for All - Term 3

This course is aimed at beginners as well as more advanced potters, students will be given support and guidance appropriate to their level of experience. Those new to working with clay will be shown a few basic techniques so that they can start exploring clay and making their own work before going on to learn some more advanced techniques. More advanced students will be introduced to new techniques and encouraged to stretch themselves and try new and experimental methods and processes in their work.

Students will be encouraged to experiment creating their own sculptural pieces based on natural forms, such as plants, fruits, and animals. They will be shown how to look at and analyse the forms and helped to realise them in clay. This will be further supplemented by experimenting with glazed and fired finishes that will enhance their sculpted forms.

The studio is well equipped with materials, tools and equipment and you should not need to bring anything with you; however I do recommend bringing and using a small notebook to keep a record of your work and ideas. You are welcome to bring your own tools if you would like to, but you will not be able to keep them at Hive.

The ceramics studio has a small reference library with a range of books that can be consulted for inspiration as well as for further information about ceramics and ceramic decoration. I encourage students to look at a variety of sources for inspiration and information including magazines and periodicals as well as online sources such as Pinterest and YouTube.

You will be expected to learn about and follow Health and Safety guidance whenever you use Hives ceramics studio.

06/05/2019, 01/07/2019, 08/07/2019, 29/04/2020, 13/05/2020, 20/05/2020, 10/06/2020, 17/06/2020, 24/06/2020
10 sessions
Gill Smith
£80.00 / £10.00 on benefits
0 places available