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Burnished Forms for Naked and Horsehair Raku Term 2 - Thursday 2017-18

This course can be enrolled online or at Hive from 2nd August 2017 from 10am.

Learn how to make beautifully rounded and burnished handbuilt forms suitable for horsehair firing; experiment with  terra sigillata with coloured slips in  alternative firings and even get to grips with Naked Raku!

This three session course is suitable for beginners and more experienced potters who wish to experiment with alternative firings.

The course aims to enable students to experiment with & gain understanding of terra sigillta, Naked and Horsehair Raku firing techniques in a relaxed supportive environment. By the end of the course learners will have a good understanding of how to create a handbuilt form suitable for horsehair or ‘Naku’ decoration and the rigours of Raku firing and feel confident working as part of a group during the raku firing and in the pottery.

The course will look at selecting the correct clays for use in Raku and students will be guided through techniques for creating forms that work well for horsehair and ‘naked’ raku. The course will also teach students how to create a sucessful burnished surface, encourage experimentation with coloured decorating slips and the use of terra sigillata. There will the opportunity to try the ‘naked ‘raku technique on some pieces.

 There will be no formal assessment required of students on the course. All students are encouraged to critically evaluate their work and progress through discussion with peers and Tutor and completion of the Individual Learning Plans to record progress and acheivement.

Student starting points will be identified in the first session and ongoing reviews of individual progress will take place throughout with verbal feedback given at all times. Students are asked to bring a sketch/note book and apron.

This course will be suitable for beginners, people with some prior knowledge and skills and for experienced potters wishing to take part in a Raku firing.     

Students can move to further ceramics or other arts courses at Hive and progress to courses offered at local colleges. Students are encouraged to use Hives 'drop-in' facility and to participate in the cultural life of their community by supporting ceramic exhibitions locally. Students are invited to exhibit and sell in the Hive Pop-Up Gallery exhibitions and informed of other Raku firing and volunteering opportunities.  

22/03/2018, 29/03/2018, 19/04/2018
3 sessions
Rachel Lee
£40.00 / £10.00 on benefits
1 places available

Sorry but all the concession places have been booked